Friday, April 18, 2014

My plan to make some money of my own


I plan to use my modding hobby. I love modding. I mod GTA currently. To use it to make money I will apply on Google Adsense when this website has about 20 mods.
I have two big projects going on. The first one is GTA Infection, a zombie survival game, while the other one is DPS Iskul Rambol, a highscool life adventure story.

Check out the progress of this mod here:

How much money am I expecting to make from this?

This is my first time to do a successful application on Google Adsense. I really need to make money because I want to buy Pizza. I also am avoiding smoking too much cigarettes, and will
turn to e-cig. I want to buy the bigger e-juice on Ever Gotesco. I'm also thinking of making my own experiment on e-juices. I expect to make atleast $50. That's big for me, which is
approximately P2000. Even $5 to $10 would be fine.

I also want to buy mane and tale so I can grow my hair. I think I will dye it red and black. I want it to reach my shoulders. For this to make true, I must assert to whether my mom or
dad that this is my hair, period. My hair is my crowning glory. It's not their hair, it's mine.

I've never cashed out before from the internet. I've done PTCs and earned $1 to $3, i think, but I gave up and tried other money making schemes.

All i need is to focus. I will make some mods now, or tomorrow, because it's already late.

I must be more responsible from now on. I'm already 21 years old. I am still a virgin. Fuck this. I think I want to go to a strip club. Maybe that will be later on.

I can't believe it! I am now making Google Sketchup models! I am 80% complete on the front of my school. My GTA Infection is rotting on the side, as I focus on making DPS Iskul Rambol.

I'm tired. It's already morning. 1:05 am. Shit. Catch you later!

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